Feedback and Game Updates

Figuring out all the things

After our last playtest we looked at all the great feedback we got, and compiled a list of things to tackle. Below are some of the top issues people had in the game, and ways that we’re addressing them.

Also included at the bottom are things that are already fixed, and ready for next playtest!

In Progress

Category 5 storms are too hard:

We’re modifying the game so category 5 storms don’t immediately kill you.
You’ll be given some time to struggle against the weather towards extraction but the ferocity of the storms won’t let you last for long so don’t push it!

We’ll be working on better explaining what stage of storm level you’re at and how much time remains until the next storm escalation.
Storms will also better visually represent how dangerous they are.

Understanding gameplay:

For the short term we plan on producing a helpful video to explain the basic gameplay loop and different things to focus on for each particular playtest.

Sharing items:
We plan on adding some visual feedback soon to help indicate that you and your teammates can share remotely via your keepers.

Resources and crafting:

We’re working on clearer messaging around resources, crafting, and scrapping. Also in the works are visual upgrades and feedback to notify you about your crafting availability.

Bears OP:

Bears will remain tough … which is true to their bear nature … however we do plan on improving visual cues and awareness (bear-wareness) when they approach.
In the future we’ll also be looking at improving wildlife behaviors in general.

Not finding other players:
Planned supply drops should bring teams into conflict more often. We’re also hoping that with a little more information and less killer storms players will survive longer in matches and be able to come into conflict around larger shard encounters in the late-game.


AI threat levels
Most units have different gear to denote difficulty, and some units are still in the pipeline for this feature.

Not enough ammo/resources
More ammo and resources have been added to the game!

Key bindings
Yup, you can do this now!


  • September 12, 2019

    Keep up the good work!

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